Are you an artist?

Information for Artists

To enquire about hiring the space, please send an e-mail to We welcome any proposals for how the space might be used. Although at first glance it may seem most obviously suited to 2-D visual art works, we have previously exhibited a range of artforms and held a variety of events.

Here's a brief summary of what is involved when hiring Sanctuary Artspace for an art exhibition:

  • There is a charge of £35 per week to hire the space;
  • Minimum hire duration is for two weeks;
  • We are open each week 12-4pm, Monday - Thursday;
  • We encourage all artists to host a preview night on the evening of the day their show opens (usually a Monday night, 6-8pm);
  • St. Edmund's Chapel is a working church, so church services will take place on Wednesday and Sunday mornings. Any chairs moved need to be returned to their original layout at the end of Tuesday and again at the end of Thursday. Also any non wall-based work may have to be temporarily moved for the same reason.

We can also open up the space for one-off day events if suitable. Contact to find out more.