Ghetto Method Crew come to St. Edmund's

July Residency at Sanctuary Artspace

Graffiti Gospels Residency

'Graffiti Gospels' is a collaboration between sanctuary Artspace and the Ghetto Method Collective. For the entire month of July, four Gateshead based street artists will be artists-in-resident in St Edmund's Chapel for 2 hours each day during regular opening hours. Each artist will be working directly onto the gallery wall on an artwork inspired each of the four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Members of the public will be able to see the artists producing these huge pieces of street art which will eventually fill the entire gallery. The artists will be resident from 1st - 25th July. The finished artwork will open to the public for a further 5 weeks, from 29th July - 29th August.

The Lindisfarne Gospels is a priceless illuminated manuscript which is being temporarily installed at Palace Green Library next to Durham Cathedral for the three month period of July to September. Unlike the men who worked on the Book of Kells (a team of at least 8 people historians think) the Lindisfarne Gospels is the work of one man - Eadfrith who was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 698 until his death in 721. Eadfrith exhibited a surprising amount of ingenuity in his caligraphy, and had to invent many of the intensely colourful pigments in his palette through an innovative mixture of plant extracts, egg white and DIY chemistry.

During the month-long commission our artists will be running street art workshops with children from our local primary schools and giving them lessons in street art calligraphy - a contemporary innovation which we think Eadfrith would approve of. The children will be given a short presentation on the Gospels on our flat screen TV in the gallery, and also given the opportunity to design their own Gospel Title Page which Eadfrith used to introduce each book. The artists will also use the residency as an opportunity to educate young people concerning the difference between Street Art and vandalism, and take the school groups down to the legal graffiti wall (run by CoMusica) behind the Sage Gateshead.

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Contact details for Sandy Duff / Ghetto Method Collective: or 07894 193632

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