Past Exhibition

  • Pure - An Exhibition of Chinese Artworks

    Monday 6 May 2013 to Thursday 30 May 2013
    • Organised by art group 'Frame', artworks including Chinese fans, paintings and Chinese calligraphy will be exhibited showing cross-cultural communication between China and the UK. The paintings are in different styles including both traditional and contemporary.

      The show will also include a video presenting the procedures used when creating Chinese paintings; a great opportunity to discover Chinese art and experience the Chinese culture.

    • List of Artists Exhibiting:

      Bao, Junyi (1956- ): Chairman of Calligraphers Association of Gui Zhou Province, China. Specialist in Chinese calligraphy.

      Dong, Kejun (1939- ): One of the most renowned printmaking artists in China.

      Pu, Guochang (1937- ): Graduate of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), a member of China Artists Association, specialist in Chinese Painting and printmaking.

      Wan, Shenfeng (1984- ): Graduated from Gui Zhou Normal University in 2008. He received a master's degree of Fine Arts in 2011. Currently a member of the Artists' Association of Gui Zhou Province.

      Zha, Xiao (1963- ): A member of Artists' Association of Gui Zhou Province. Graduate from CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts).

      Wu, Yutao (1968- ): A professional artist who works in Gui Yang Art Museum, a member of Chinese Artists Association. Specialist in Landscape.