Past Exhibition

  • Where Is My Mind?

    Monday 22 April 2013 to Thursday 2 May 2013
    • A collection of work by 13 up and coming artists from Northumbria University of all different artistic disciplines and ages.

      Artist Photographer Liam Cox and Video Artist Sophia Gourley: "we carefully selected pieces of work that we feel fit into a conceptual and enquiring theme but with an added subtle (in most cases) under tone of the non-permanent, unattainable and questioning nature that both of our work touches upon, despite being vastly different from one another in practice."

      On the preview night the artists will be holding a small stall to sell a few items - prints, bags (all under £10) and they have also created a limited edition artzine for the event.

    • List of Artists Exhibiting:

      Mixed Media: Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Video and Print from Sophia Gourley, Liam Cox, Lorna Brady, Danny Wood, Zoe Plant, Chris Welton, Νatalie Κωνσταντίνου, Michelle Justice, Holly Duckworth, Chereen Prescott, Adam Carr, Ricky James and Carla Costa.