Past Exhibition

  • Gina Crowley - Portraits

    Saturday 3 May 2014 to Thursday 15 May 2014
    • 'Portraits' is an exhibition of work that has arisen out of Gina's 'artist residency' at St. Edmund's Saturday Coffee mornings. Working with another artist and writer a series of pencil and pen portraits have been made. A large number have been given to their subjects and are not available to view but some of the best work will be displayed.

      The congregation have really enjoyed Gina's visits to St Edmund's over the last 12 months. During the portrait sittings they have time to get know each other and put the world to rights, and many new friendships have been made. A few of the regulars have had a go at drawing portraits of their friends, and some of these are on display next to Gina's artwork. Everyone is really excited to see themselves on the walls of the gallery and they can't wait to show their families.