Past Exhibition

  • The Gift of Autism - Gateshead Autism Group

    Tuesday 5 May 2015 to Sunday 31 May 2015
    • Autism is a wide spectrum where there are many talented people. Autism is often described as a hidden disability but its impact on individuals and families can be profoundly challenging. Yet many people on the autism spectrum are very skilled and talented. Their talents are varied and their interests extend into many fields and areas. Often these skills and talents can go unnoticed and we believe this is a something we would like to change. Through the Gift of Autism we want to showcase the talents, skills and interests which many people on the autism spectrum have. The Gift of Autism also includes work by carers and family. This exhibition includes paintings, crafts, and photographs with some photographs show engineering.

    • The exhibition will show a variety of pieces of art work created by people on the Autistic spectrum and their carers. In celebration of the gifts that people have despite their difficulties, recognising the potential in each and everyone, The Gift of Autism seeks to offer hope a sense of joy and a way to communicate.

      The artists are part of Gateshead Autism Group. The Gateshead Autism Group is a registered Charity operating from the Gateshead Borough. The charity has been established to support those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions their parents, carers and families in order to receive the current and professional information and advice to relieve unnecessary stress, isolation and financial exclusion and hardship. The “Gift of Autism” is a year-long programme of events to publicise the many and diverse talents, interests and skills children and adults with autism possess. We also want to recognise the commitment and skills of parents, carers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, colleagues and partners of someone on the autism spectrum and celebrate their achievements too.