Past Exhibition

  • James Maitland

    Monday 6 October 2014 to Thursday 16 October 2014
    • Self-taught artist James Maitland has a vast body of work, just a fraction of which is on show at Sanctuary Artspace. Working primarily in acrylics, Maitland has also produced work using oils, pastels and watercolours. The medium which Maitland returns to frequently however is acrylic, as it dries quickly and lends itself well to the fast speed and style that the artist works in.

      The North East of England, especially the Northumberland coast, has always been an inspiration to Maitland. In particular he values its ever-changing light and the magnificent castles to be found there.

      James Maitland style is also subject to change from realism to abstraction; plus the use of colour and level of vibrancy in each painting may also alter, depending on how he feels. All paintings on show at Sanctuary Artspace are available to purchase.