Past Exhibition

  • Aswathy Raj - Insmurational

    Monday 5 January 2015 to Thursday 15 January 2015
    • An exhibition that provides a glimpse into Indian traditional mural art. The works are inspired by the traditional mural paintings which can be found in the temples, palaces and churches in southernmost states of India. Most of these types of murals belong to the period from 15th century onwards. The subjects for these are mostly from religious texts, and other aspects from nature such as flora and fauna and dance forms are also depicted.

      Coming from the south western coast of India, Aswathy Raj is inspired by India’s artistic history and mural paintings that date back to the seventh century AD. Inspired by its rich, vibrant, bold yet delicate style of painting, she set forth to learn from its roots and bring an insight of the country’s rich opulence and centuries old mural tradition of India within the works displayed here.

    • Artist's Biography:

      Aswathy was born to Boja and E.M. Rajendran in Ar Riyadh, KSA and finished her schooling from International Indian Schoor, Riyadh. In her childhood she often visited her parents' home town Thrissur, Kerala in India and was fascinated by the beautiful mural paintings depicting stories from the epics of Mahabharat and Ramayana painted on the walls of Vadakumnathan, Padmanabhaswami and Guruvayoor Temple. Born into a culturally active family she learned about the nitty gritty of the mural art form from her parents and alongside this studied Bharatnatyam and Mohiniattam, the classical dance forms of Kerala. Although she could not recieve much formal training in fine arts, her passion for colours, guidance from her parents and inspiration from classical dance led her to put her imagination onto canvas. As time passed by she was influenced by other traditional and contemporary artforms from all over India and around the world, and performed classical dance all over India and the middle east. Finally arriving in Newcastle upon Tyne as a student, the memories from her childhood temple visits inspired her to finally exhibit the traditional mural art form from Kerala in a foreign land. Hence the birth of "Insmurational".