Past Exhibition

  • Limbo - Francesca Dent and Rachel Cochrane

    Monday 10 August 2015 to Thursday 27 August 2015
    • Limbo focuses on Blaydon Burn, a former industrial site in Blaydon on Tyne in North East England.

      Brickworks, most notably the Cowen and Lily sites, and other industries including steel works, iron foundries and the world's first manufacturer of Benzol, made Blaydon Burn a vital part of the industrial revolution. Since the 1950s, however, technological developments, a decline in raw materials and competition from overseas led to the closure of many of its factories.

      Some attempts were made to make safe the dilapidated parts of the area over the next two decades, but then it was left to return to nature.

      Having been left to return to nature, visitors get a sense that it is neither one thing nor the other. Signs of a former industry exist alongside the bypass built in 1981, discarded fast food containers and beer cans, and the graffiti which covers a number of historical artefacts.

      Originally a solo exhibition by photographer Francesca Dent, writer Rachel Cochrane has joined forces with Francesca to revisit the original project with fresh eyes. Rachel's writing will give a creative interpretation of Blaydon Burn and objects found by the pair whilst walking through Blaydon Burn.

      Francesca and Rachel have spent several months working together to build upon the original project and really tell a story about the area.

      Limbo was a part of Francesca's MA Photography course and was exhibited in Manchester's Cube Gallery in September 2013. Francesca is very excited to be able to show the exhibition to an audience who live so close to Blaydon Burn.

    • Francesca Dent graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA Hons Degree in Journalism and again in 2013 with a MA in Photography, she has always had a passion for both writing and taking photographs which is evident in her career.

      Since graduating, Francesca has worked as a freelance journalist and now runs her own photography business alongside a successful full time role in digital marketing. Her work can be seen on her website, Francesca Dent Photography.

      Despite Francesca's work having been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Preston, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle, she has never worked with another artist in order to produce work. Until now...

      When Francesca met Rachel in her day-to-day 'proper job' the two found a shared love of writing, photography, local history and most recently bricks so it was only a matter of time before the pair decided to embark on a project together.

      Rachel Cochrane has been a writer for 14 years. Five years ago she embraced digital technology to set up her own audio entertainment website. Rachel records her own and other writers' work in the form of drama, short stories and poetry and takes them out to an online audience via

      Rachel loves working collaboratively and the energy and ideas that result when two differing artistic genres collide. She is particularly inspired by photographs, local history and the North East and loves to explore the real and imagined stories of what is left behind.