Past Exhibition

  • Crisis Skylight Newcastle Members - Art in Crisis

    Monday 16 November 2015 to Thursday 26 November 2015
    • Art in Crisis 2015 opened a window on artists at work in Crisis Skylight studios across the UK, revealing how art allows us to find our place in the world.

      Confidence and motivation suffer without the security of a home. Making art can spark our sense of self, producing focus and a clear outlook on the future. At Crisis, dedicated art tutors across the country deliver more than 30 creative classes each week. Drama, music, drawing and dance encourage all of us to explore ideas together, finding new ways to see the world and our place within it.

      Homelessness is a devastating experience, leaving people directionless. This exhibition celebrates how art offers a way to move forward with positivity and purpose. All of the art shown exhibited here was previously shown in the Café from Crisis, at Crisis Skylight Newcastle, 1-3 City Road. Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.

    • The artists whose work is exhibited here are all members of Crisis Skylight Newcastle. The pieces were created in creative sessions including Digital Photography, Art, Craft and Creative Woodwork. Some pieces were created in response to the theme ‘Transformation’, including concepts such as the power of change, and the creative re-purposing of everyday objects.